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The Garden City Centennial Soccer Club began with the idea of providing youngsters with the most positive experience possible through playing the sport.

Our intramural program is grade based and functions on these three concepts, Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams and Positive Coaching.

Everyone Plays

Our goal is for children to play soccer sad not to sit on the bench. We have a strictly enforced rule, that every player on every team must play at least half of every game.

Balanced Teams

If you’ve ever watched youngsters choose up sides for a sandlot game, you know they try to arrange even teams, because it’s more fun that way. We do the same thing, by setting up balanced teams at the beginning of every season.

Positive Coaching

We agree that it’s a lot of fun to win games, but it’s even more fun for a youngster to see his or her skills steadily improving as the season progresses. So we say, winning kids come first, winning games, comes second. They thrive on encouragement! The extra effort it takes to offer positive help to our players, rather than negative criticism, is an investment in the future of all our children, on or off the playing field.

Every Centennial Player Can Win

If we all do a good job, every Centennial player can win by playing in every game, by playing on a team that has an equal chance to win and by playing in an environment that helps him or her perform just a little bit better every time out. Most of all, every child can win by having a good time playing soccer which, after all, is what youth sports should be all about.


Our programs are open to all girls and boys, within our village or our schools, who register and want to play soccer. There are no tryouts to make the team and no reserved places, Beginners are just as welcome as the skilled players. We form the following divisions each season:

GIRLS                                                             BOYS

Pre-K Clinic                                                      Pre-K Clinic 

Kindergarten Clinic                                            Kindergarten Clinic

Division 1 Clinic (1st Grade)                               Division 1 Clinic (1st Grade)

Division 2 (2nd Grade)                                       Division 2 (2nd Grade)

Division 3 (3rd Grade)                                        Division 3 (3rd Grade)

Division 4 (4th , 5th & 6th Grade)                        Division 4 (4th, 5th & 6th Grade)





All children, with and without special needs, enjoy and can gain from participating in organized sports programs, including soccer.  The TOPSoccer Program has been specially designed to integrate additional support and practices for children between the ages of 5 and 18 who love to participate in sports but, because of developmental, learning or behavioral challenges, need modifications to demonstrate their optimal physical abilities when playing games like soccer.  

We have spring and fall schedules similar to the regular intramural soccer programs. Each schedule is made up primarily of skills sessions and scrimmages. Skill sessions teach the children soccer in an environment that is fun and pressure free. The scrimmages allow the children to use their soccer skills in a game scenario. Most, if not all, of the children enjoy the scrimmages best of all. Tournaments are hosted by a few of the individual clubs during each season as well.